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Lot of 2 pallets of new overstocks from Krefel stores. \ N \ nThe whole list of products is unknown but you can have an overview of the lot with the cover photos. \ NThe following is only a part of the list of the products contained in the pallets of which we are aware, the rest is unknown. \ nBeware the boxes visible in the photos do not necessarily correspond to the content. \ n \ nList of products observed in the offer: \ n889225 CARDREADER SAN DISK IMAGEMATE ALL 161001789 MOB.CHARGER GSM CELLULAR LINE FREEPOWER61003802 ACC. SportCam GOPRO TRAVELKIT33000682 SPEAKER Blueto HUAWEI AM1062001764 Multi-V AUDIO HAMA COVER SA 362,005,154 PLAY WHITE DIAMONDS S10E61002565 COVER IPH IPHX COVER61002019 HAMA CLEANING PRODUCT ELECTROLUX944104 COVER TOMTOM GPS 3.562003237 MOB.CHARGER GSM 760 083 312 MTH ACC.SPORTCAM GOPRO BATTERY COVER IPAD BACPAC62005053 CASE LOGIC SNAPVIEW62002504 MOB.CHARGER GSM SBS BAT BACKUP33001679 CLOCK RADIO LEXIBOOK13000263 RADIATOR BLOWER DPI61002438 COVER IPH X-DORIA IPHX CASE DELUX181111 AUDIO AND VIDEO CABLE BANDRIGE62006199 COVER GSM DIV; Azuri MI NOTE 1061002908 HOUSE IPH X62002908 COVER IPHX BLACK62002511 CABLE GSM SBS USB880205 3 PACK CANON CLI52162003320 MAKING TRAVEL SKROSS62001677 JACKET PHOTO FUJI INSTA61002564 HOUSE IPHX HAMA62003053 HOME CHARGER GSM AZURI33001855 SPEAKER Blueto FRESH NREBEL62000134 BOX CONTACT LOGON21000779 Aromo LANAFORM AROMA DECOR13000268 HEATER, CERAMIC DOMO210003780 InfraPhil PHILIPS PR311062006202 SCREENP VARIOUS GSM azuri MI 9T83315 ACC.SPORTCAM ANTI FOG INSERT62001755 WALL MOUNT HAMA PLAY362003726 SMARTWATCHES NOKIA155240 KIT SONY 3D TDGBR100BTI.YBN32318 CABLE PROFIGOLD PROLCOMBIAA1155220 3D GLASSES SAMSUNG SSG-2200AR62000218 HOUSE TABLET TARGUS TOMTOM MINI944075 ACC.GPS S.CAMERA CARD33001184 RADIO CD Bigben CD52CATS233001931 LEXIBOOK CD RADIO RCD108DC33000917 BLUETO SPEAKERS BIGBEN BT10RUBIKS33001680 BLUETO SPEAKERS LEXIBOOK BT 500 SW62002838 AUDIO AND VIDEO CABLE TARGUS FAST61002TUV94 INSPEAKER SAC40 VACUUM SERVICE 1233 FAST61002 489 BLUETO LOUDSPEAKERS LENCO BTP-200BK / DURACELL PLUS POWER 6 + 2 FREE / SAMSUNG LED CANDLE FROSTED B / SAMSUNG LED CLASSIC / PHILIPS INFRACARE / LESENS BOSE / BAG EASTPAK BALCK / MOBILE PHONE COVER

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