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This lovely toilet seat is made of Duroplast and is guaranteed to be scratchproof. With a coating that is resistant to UV radiation and ordinary bathroom cleaners, this beautiful model will last for years. The toilet seat is equipped with a fastening system that ensures more stability. This allows it to stay in position and prevents it from shifting. To ensure that the flap fits your toilet bowl, consult the drawing. The seat closes smoothly and quietly thanks to a special closing mechanism, which prevents damage to the toilet bowl's ceramic. Thanks to the Easy Clean mechanism, the toilet seat can be detached from the stainless steel fastening system, making it very easy to clean.

Thanks to the special hinges, the board is very stable and does not move during use. The hinges are made of stainless steel, so they are resistant to deformation and the seat can be used for years.


- The special hinges allow the toilet seat to close by gently lowering itself. In addition to making no noise, this toilet seat is also safe for your little ones' hands. The integrated shock absorbers prevent damage to the ceramic toilet bowl.
- Easy clean function: the toilet seat can be easily removed for easy cleaning
- Stable fixing system: the toilet seat is adjustable but firmly fixed to the toilet bowl, so it stays in place and does not slip
- Virtually indestructible, anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant. Years of use will not tire you of this toilet seat
- The mounting points can be adjusted by 15 to 20 cm, as desired
- The toilet seat is resistant to UV radiation and aggressive detergents and disinfectants
- The stainless steel fastening system is corrosion resistant, impact resistant and does not bend easily. Ensures a longer life cycle than plastic or metal fastening systems
- Complete set including toilet seat, fastening system with stainless steel hinges and instructions for use

Tiger Reno Toilet seat with MDF cover Grey --> 6€ (£6)
Tiger Starfish toilet seat Duroplast Multi-colour --> 8€
Tiger Springfield toilet seat cover Duroplast Black --> 6€ (French)
Tiger Aiden toilet seat cover Duroplast Black --> 6€
Tiger Lissabon White Duroplast toilet seat cover --> 8€
Tiger Fronteira Toilet seat cover Duroplast White --> 8€
Tiger Springfield toilet seat cover Duroplast Pergamon --> 8€
Tiger Aiden Toilet seat cover Duroplast Pergamon --> 8€

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