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Radio station CB TTi TCB-550

Legal power 4W
The radio station CB TTi TCB-550 complies with the legislation in force in Romania harmonized to the European norms, having the maximum legal power allowed of 4 W.

Automatic Squelch - DSS
One of the best-selling stations in Romania and Europe, it excels through its small size, ease of use and excellent performance both on reception and on broadcasting in infotrafic channels and not only.

Multi Band
The station complies with the European norms in force and allows communication on the 40 channels in the 27 Mhz band used for infotrafic.

Mobile station
One of the most appreciated stations, excels by its small size, ease of use and very good performance both on reception and emission in infotrafic channels and not only.

40 channels
The station complies with the European norms in force and allows communication on the 40 channels in the 27 Mhz band used for infotrafic.

The TTi TCB-550 radio station will allow communication in both types of bands: AM and FM. It is also equipped with a fast selector of the international emergency and infotrafic channels, namely 9-19.

4-pin microphone
Radio communication is done in simplex system with the help of the microphone and speaker: one speaks, and the others listen. The microphone is of normal size, easy to handle and is of electret type with 4-pin jack.

Cb PNI ML145 antenna

Cb PNI ML145 antenna performance
The performance of the product is closely related to the technical characteristics that the antenna has in ideal conditions of assembly and use: SWR < = 1.0, maximum power applied for a short time 400 W, impedance 50 Ohm resistor, stainless steel, etc.

Distance of communication
The communication distance is another decisive factor in the acquisition and use of a CB antenna. Thus, the maximum communication distance of 15 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with maximum legally permissible power of 4W and with a standard reception. Any obstacle such as: hills, mountains, buildings, walls can lead to the reduction of this distance.

Antenna length
The length of the antenna is another very important factor that can influence the distance of communication in traffic. Thus, the longer the antenna, the greater the range. The CB PNI ML145 antenna has a length of 145 cm.

Magnetic base PNI 145/PL

Magnetic base
The PNI 145/PL magnetic base has a diameter of 145 mm, a size that gives the antenna stability even at high speeds, with a pleasant design.

Threaded grip
Pni145/PL base is compatible with antennas that have an inner threaded fastening system.

Cable length
The length of the cable is an important factor in choosing a magnetic base. The base from PNI 145/PL has a quality cable with a length of 4 m, which allows placing the antenna on the dome of the car without any problem, and placing the cable so as not to disturb the passengers.

Powerful magnet
The PNI145/PL base has a powerful magnet for its size, which gives it a very good grip to the dome of the car, and resistance and stability even at high speeds.

PL259 socket
The PNI 145/PL magnetic base is equipped with RG58 coaxial cable and PL259 jack for direct connection to the station.

Included rubber mount
In order to protect the dome of the machine from possible scratches, but without affecting the optimal operation of the antenna, the 145 / PL magnetic base is provided with a thin and durable rubber support, which also protects from water the connections and soldering inside it.

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