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Dedicated application for Smartphone
Being a modern pni alarm system SafeHouse HS550 can send notifications and alerts directly to your smartphone, and can be controlled and configured using dedicated applications: Easy Security or pni alternative SafeHouse HS550. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Thus no matter where you are, you will be instantly notified by the system, if an event occurs. 

Fully ready-to-use system
The PNI SafeHouse HS550 wireless alarm system contains all the accessories for immediate installation and use. The package contains a wireless motion sensor, a wireless door sensor, 2 remote controls, 2 TAG cards, and an indoor siren for 120 dB audible alerting.

Total protection of the house
The system offers total protection of the home, providing the user with total control and real-time monitoring of the system and of the events recorded. The dedicated smartphone application and the menu available on the central unit provide easy and intuitive real-time information both locally and remotely, about the alerts and events recorded for each type of sensor installed. We add to this category the function of monitoring and communication audio in real time with the protected area, through gsm connection.

Full range of compatible accessories
In addition to the usual motion and door/window accessories and sensors, PNI completes the range of optional accessories with the following products, absolutely necessary in a modern home:
1. Wireless PIR PNI SafeHouse HS003 motion sensor;      2. Smart plug PNI SafeHouse HS710 wireless;
3. Smoke sensor PNI Safe House HS260 wireless ;                4. Wireless PNI SafeHouse HS520 flood detector;
5. Gas sensor PNI SafeHouse HS110 wireless;                  6. PNI SafeHouse HS190 remote control;
7. Magnetic contact PNI SafeHouse HS002 wireless;

Different areas depending on the objective and destination
Each area or room in a home needs a different and dedicated sensor for a particular event. Thus, we can configure the parameters of a sensor so that we know at any time if a window has been opened, a door, if smoke, gas or water has been detected, or if movement has been detected in a certain room.
Thus, we have predefined names in the configuration for each sensor added: door, window, bedroom, living room, balcony, perimeter, fire, gas or flood.
And we also have predefined areas types for each sensor added: perimeter, total, 24 hours, ringing, closed, 24 hours silent, perimeter without delay, totally without delay

Dual remote alert mode: Wifi/ Internet and GSM 3G
The alarm system can send alerts to users in 2 ways, thus offering either the option to choose the most appropriate way, or a redundant backup system, if one of the connection is not temporarily available: 1. via GSM via SMS and phone call to the phone numbers configured in the system; 2. via Wifi / Internet to the application dedicated to PNI SafeHouse HS550 installed on the user's smartphone.

Protect your home automatically
Forgot to activate the alarm system when you leave?
You got from work and you entered the house without disarming the alarm system?
Rest assured, PNI SafeHouse HS550 has the option of automatic reinforcement / disarmament at the desired hours depending on your schedule: departure / return from work or why not even late evening / early morning using perimeter reinforcement.

Control electronics / home appliances remotely from the Smartphone application
In addition to the main function of burglary/alarm system, the PNI SafeHouse HS550 also comes with a modern function, highly sought after today, namely the remote control in the mobile application of compatible 230V sockets and relays. So you can start/ stop from the mobile application up to 8 electronic devices / home appliances, which are connected to the optional wireless accessories: PNI SafeHouse HS710 Socket and PNI SafeHouse HS810 Relay.

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