New - Brand new wholesale products, without any signs of use. Only new and untouched wholesale merchandise, sold under manufacturer's or seller's warranty. Apart from new wholesale goods coming from distributors and manufacturers, this grade includes all other new items, i.e. bankrupt stocks and liquidation stocks of untouched items.

Used - Fully operational, tested wholesale products for sale, also with clear signs of use. Although they have been used, they are still working, and in some cases, are sold under warranty. The detailed information about the actual visual condition of the products should be listed by seller. 

Damaged - Damaged wholesale products for sale. These goods can be new and untouched by customers, but all types of broken items are accepted, including products damaged by customers, during transportation, or defected by manufacturer. These wholesale products are always sold without any warranty.

Untested - In most cases, these are untested customer returns, usually packed in original boxes (that is not a rule though). Since there are various reasons for returning the products, some of them might be fully working ones, while the other might not. The basic thing is, that neither You, nor the wholesaler, know the condition of these items, therefore they are sold on as is basis, without a warranty, or even an option of returning them. On the other hand, products that have not been tested for working are usually sold for a small fracture of RRP, making them quite interesting wholesale products to buy.

Refurbished - The goods have been recalled or sent back to the manufacturer, or used IT reconditioning company, for reconditioning proccedure. There, all items are repaired, and faulty items are being replaced with new ones. The refurbished products are in most cases sold under warranty. Obviously, this category includes offers of wholesale laptops, smartphones and other electronics.

Clearance - Clearance stocks, end of line stocks, wholesale clearance deals etc. All "reduced to clear" products can be added to this category of goods, especially if there is no full sizes ratio available, or a job lot is offered for sale, or an obsolete stock is on sale. The "clearance" category is basically for new items, but slight imperfections caused by long-term storage might occur. Here, you will also find new wholesale products sold without a warranty of any kind.