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100 pcs Nitrile Gloves Power Grip | Powder

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100 pcs Nitrile Gloves Power Grip | Powder - description

safe to grip in wet, oil and grease
at the same time precisely fitting and sensitive
Premium disposable gloves, extra strong nitrile
against slipping: fish scale structure on both sides
elastic, very robust and durable
resistant to biological hazards
Oil and grease resistant

Features and Compatibility
Nitrile gloves Power Grip, powder-free by Hygostar
With the nitrile gloves Power Grip every movement fits and you always work safely, quickly and accurately. Due to the double-sided, non-slip surface, even small or oily objects can be handled safely. At the same time, the disposable gloves made of nitrile are precisely fitting and elastic. Therefore, with the nitrile gloves Power Grip you have maximum mobility and sensitivity. So even fine work is concentrated and done quickly and slipping is avoided without great effort.

The surface: Secure grip thanks to fish scale structure
The nitrile gloves Power Grip have a special surface. Both palm and back of hand are provided with a special fish scale structure. Thanks to the double-sided structure, the nitrile gloves can be worn on both sides/left-right. Franz Mensch worked on this type of surface for years. The goal: to bring disposable gloves to the market that really offer grip, especially under difficult conditions such as wetness or oil. The small elevations and depressions in the fish scale structure allow this firm grip. The higher parts always have contact with the work object and thus prevent the hands from slipping.

The material: sensitive and resilient
The Power Grip gloves made of nitrile are premium gloves and made of very high-quality, durable material. The nitrile is robust and withstands mechanical stress well. Besides, it is durable and protects you from biological hazards. At the same time, nitrile is a very elastic material and the disposable gloves Power Grip adapt exactly to the hands. Thanks to the very good fit, the nitrile gloves offer a high degree of sensitivity – ideal for precision work. In addition, nitrile is free of latex proteins and more skin-friendly than comparable disposable gloves made of latex.

Another advantage: The Power Grip nitrile gloves are food-safe and approved for direct contact with food. They are powder-free and therefore ideal for product protection and protection against contamination in food areas.

The colors: blue, orange and black
The disposable gloves Power Grip made of nitrile are available in blue, orange and black. Tip: Use the orange Power Grip gloves specifically for work in poorly lit areas. The eye-catching, orange signal color is always easy to recognize. The blue Power Grip nitrile gloves are ideal for food areas. The blue color is a very good contrast to the food and work surfaces, because by nature there are no blue foods. The black gloves also provide a pleasant contrast in bright environments and are ideal for industry.

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