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Batman Superman T-shirts

Price from USD 6.12 / piece

from 500 to 500 pieces
USD 6.12

Minimal order
25 pieces
Available quantity
500 pieces
United States
Last update
Over a month ago

Batman, Superman theme T-shirts for sale in bulk or assorted with a 70% discount. Officially licensed designs, including themes of popular comics characters, movies and celebrities: Batman, Joker, Star Trek, LotR, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley and more. Customized designs available.

The prices differ depending on order quantity and type of print.


●Screen Printing (Ideal for large bulk orders, vibrant prints, good durability, low pricing, max. 8 colors)
●Flock and Flex Printing (material pressed onto apparel with heat giving velvety flock, smooth flex, both long lasting and extremely durable; medium pricing; max. 3 colors, gradients not possible)
●Digital Direct Printing (Ideal for photos and multi-colored designs; best for a “vintage” look, bright colors cannot be expected; good durability, medium pricing, no color limit)


Price per item for unlimited color digital print on Unisex Value T-shirt (100% cotton):
---------$7.02 per 25 items
---------$6.80 per 50 items
---------$6.57 per 96 items
---------$6.34 per 288 items
---------$6.12 per 500 items

Not looking to order 25 shirts or all the same design? We still offer great volume discounts, up to 70% for an assortment of 500 different items.
---------50-54 items for 50%
---------91-100 items for 55%
---------181-200 items for 60%
---------341-360 items for 65%
---------500+ items for 70%

Price does NOT include shipping.

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International delivery International delivery

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