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Exterior paint Noua

Price EUR 0.75 / litre

Minimal order
30 litres
Available quantity
1000 litres
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15 days
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4 months ago
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It is a washable paint for facades with the following characteristics: washability good resistance to physical, chemical and weather resistance, good abrasion, good hiding power, quick drying, permeability to water vapor, good adhesion to the substrate, provides a uni¬formă film continues, matte, which fills the pores very well.

Applications: used for finishing facades and interior surfaces subject to wear (eg buildings). It is recommended for all masonry surfaces, usual, brick, plaster, drywall, etc. It can be applied over old masonry resistant. Not recommended uti¬lizarea paint finishing sockets and other parts of the facade that come in direct contact with the ground only after ensuring proper waterproofing.

Surface preparation Base: New paint can be applied on surfaces leveled, clean, dry and load bearing capacity (without substances that may prevent adhesion: grease, bitumen, dust, etc).

Application Instructions: Before use, the contents of the bucket should be mixed carefully. Do not mix with other paints. Whatever their nature, the surfaces must be primed with Primer Acrylic Paints Expert. After applying the primer, it is recommended that its drying time between 4 and 6 hours. New Exterior Paint is applied by brush, roller, or spray in two layers air-less. For prevention of lures and deposits will apply each coat of paint in a single step (without interruption). If necessary, it can be added up to 10% water to obtain a more fluid consistency, then homogenize. It is a break recoman¬dată 2 hours between the application of layers (at a temperature of 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%).

Coverage: New Exterior Paint can cover 10 to 12 m2 / L in one coat, depending on the type and quality of support. Packaging: plastic bucket. Storage: In a cool, dry, Temparature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C in the original packaging, unopened. Va¬labilitate within 24 months from date of manufacture comply with the terms of packaging and depozi¬tare. See the date of manufacture and batch labeled on the packaging.

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