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Philips Hue E27 Starter Pack

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Connect up to 50 lamps and operate them with a smart deviceThe hue bridge is the brain of the system. It is the "bridge" between the lights and the app on your smartphone. You can connect up to 50 lamps simultaneously. Once the bulbs are connected, download the free app to your smartphone or tablet. When you open the app for the first time, it searches for your bridge and allows the app to connect the lamps. You can then use the app to wireless control the lights.By experts developed light settings that help you focusSet to 'Concentrate' and all your selected LED lamps adjust in color and clarity which helps you concentrate and stay alert. This light setting is tested in a school and had visible results with the children.Preset white light temperature which is a blessing for body and mindSet to energize and give all your selected LED lights bright and vivid light that give you an energy boost. Perfect for those times when you could use some extra energy.Use the timer to set alarms and to gradually change your light bulbsThe timer function allows you to gradually let it change the lights. Turn your Hue into an alarm to wake up more comfortable than with a traditional alarm clock. You can also use the timer to gradually extinguish your lamps, so you can fall asleep in a natural way. Or set your lights to activate at a certain time, for example when you are at home, so you do not have to come home to a dark house.White light is ideal for readingSet to "Reading" and all your selected bulbs turn into a nice white color which is ideal for reading, with just the right intensity. With just one press on the buton, reading becomes a pleasure.Set your lights off in a soothing, gentle tone to help you relaxSet to 'Relax' and all of your selected bulbs give a soft, soothing glow. This is the perfect remedy after a hectic day and a great excuse to put your feet up.You can turn your lights on and off when you are not homeThe beauty of accessing your lights via a web browser, is that you do not need to be home to operate the lights. That means Hue not only illuminates your home, but also protects it. Imagine that you have to work unexpectedly. But you want it to look like you are at home. You can turn on the lights through your screen. During the holidays, your Hue can make it seem like you've never even left.Turn your Pictures into a color palette for your lampsChoose a photo from your mobile device or take a new picture. The screen shows pointers that reflect each of your wireless lights. Drag the pointers to a color in your picture and hue lamp immediately turns into the chosen color. You can also save your favorite scenes on a mobile device with the hue app, so you can choose later. You can also share scenes to the hue community or use scenes from other hue users.Create an account and control your lights wherever you areEven if you are not home, you can enjoy light that meets your needs. With a hue account, you can use a web browser or your app to access your wireless lights worldwide. Creating an account is easy (; You only need a username and password. Just make shire that your first login to the Hue dashboard will be from your home network. So we can link your bridge to your account.16 million colors with internet functionEach wireless Hue system LED lamp features a special technology. The lamps can emit different shades of white, from warm yellow to vivid blue and white. Any color can be created in the spectrum. The hue bulbs fit into your existing fixtures. Select your desired fixtures or fittings, turn the wireless lights on and turn on the lights. It's as easy as that.ZigBee technology allows you to wirelessly update your lampshue is constantly being improved to make even more convenient. To ensure that you can benefit from future updates and improvements, hue works in the ZigBee network. This allows you to safely and reliably operate your lights and wirelessly perform software or firmware updates for your lamps.Box ContentsBridge: 1Ethernet cable: 1hue bulbs: 3Adapter: 1The lampFitting: E27 screw baseForm Factor: A19Lifespan: 15,000 hoursLight output: 16 million colorsLight Angle - 160 ┬░ + - 20 ┬░only dimmable via smartphone or tablet, from warm to cool white colorfunctional white lightElectricity: 230VMax. Work power: 9 WMax. Standby Power: 0.45 WSoftware for upgrades: YesStart: immediately 100% brightness

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