• The amorphous photovoltaic panel SUNGEN SG-HN-GG
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The amorphous photovoltaic panel SUNGEN SG-HN-GG

Price EUR 25.00 / piece

Minimal order
28 pieces
Available quantity
1000 pieces
Last update
Over a month ago

The module thin-film amorphous silicon technology Firms Sungen International Ltd.

The lowest price in the market is due to production technology.
In the production of thin-film modules consumes significantly
less energy than conventional crystalline modules,
so without hesitation we can use in this case, the term "Truly Green Technology".
Silicon thin-film technology gives you save energy
expensive material and significantly lowers the overall cost of production of panels,
which translates into a very attractive selling price to the end user
and all of this together provides a very cost-effective production of solar electricity.
The most important advantage is lower by about half.
compared with the conventional crystal modules,
coefficient of thermal power. This is of paramount importance in
When operating at high temperatures in summer.
In addition, so-called. The effect of low light (Weak Light Effect) allows
amorphous silicon modules produce energy even
when the light intensity is low.
In other words, thin-film modules start work
earlier and finish work later, just before dusk.

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