• XDH10TT-AM Pyronix detector Outdoor Immune animals 10kg Anti-masking s
  • XDH10TT-AM Pyronix detector Outdoor Immune animals 10kg Anti-masking s image 2
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XDH10TT-AM Pyronix detector Outdoor Immune animals 10kg Anti-masking s

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The XD10TTAM is a detector for outdoor use that uses patented and proven high security technologies, such as triple and triple anti-masking digital signal processing and adapted to external conditions.
- Detection Logic to three indenpendenti signals
- 2 infrared sensors combined with one sensor in the microwave
- Built-in alarm buzzer
- Anti-masking, adjustable on three technologies
- Resistors order selectable line
- Microwave-based X-band DRO
- 3 different microwave frequency bands
- Bracket with tamper optional mechanism
Mode 'of installation with lens 5
- Installation at 2.4m with Immunity 'animals to 10kg
Mode 'of installation with lens 3
- Installation at 1.5m with immunity 'animals until 25 kg
Volumetric detector 10m:
10m volumetric coverage with immunity from animals up to 10kg. The sensor is equipped in the factory with this lens. Installation height of 2.5m.
Logic triple detection: The sensor detection of human presence is based on the analysis of advanced activation sequence
microwave and movement of the two independent infrared sensors. The three sensors must be activated at the same time within a
given time window to create an alarm. Using the triple-detector logic is enhanced immunity
detector to environmental disturbances.
The patented anti-masking of Pyronix offers protection from masking actions for both infrared sensors for the microwave. The masking area is adjustable from 0 to 1m. In case of an attempt of masking with with paper, spray, cardboard, blocking Technology
This feature allows you to "Detect" an obstacle in the sensor cover as notifying it via the ALARM output activation and lighting the yellow LED and fixed green.
insect protection and direct sunlight: The XD stands a real threat from natural occurrences such as rain, snow, falling leaves, insects etc. Sunlight is a known problem in the outdoor protection. If possible, it is recommended not to install the detector facing the sun. If this is not possible, they should be used fixed-line masking grids. The
grids, along with triple detection technology, are helpful in the prevention of false alarms in such
Digital Technology IFT
Technology IFT - patented digital filter floating alarm thresholds and independent. Elimination of the vegetation movement. The vegetation movement in windy conditions can cause false alarms. The XD is designed to prevent false alarms under these conditions. The detectors should not be installed in less than 6m from the trees. Use the adjustable masking grids to macherare risk areas. digital temperature compensation: this digital technology makes vary the sensitivity of the detector in a hot environment by ensuring that it maintains the same detection distance even in the case in which the ambient temperature equals body temperature
The XD microwaves are made available on three different frequency bands which are indicated by a different colored label. This feature allows the installation of multiple detectors close avoiding a "collision" of microonde.Cicalino of walk integrated test: because of the sun might be difficult to see the alarm LED from a distance. Therefore the XD is equipped with a built-in buzzer for walk-test that can be used for:
(1) putting the installer in the best conditions to perform a quick and easy walk testing during installation;
(2) as an audible indication of a presence in the detection area (if required). The buzzer can be disabled if not required
EOL resistors selectable line
The detectors are equipped with selectable alarm resistor values ​​between 6k8, 5K6, 2k2, 4k7 & amp; 1k, resistance to tamper with values ​​5K6, 4k7, 2k2 and 1k meeting the specifications of most of the central market access.
The shell XD is constituted by a layer of polycarbonate plastic layer of 3mm.
- Relay output 3x SELV limits; 60VDC 50mA (43.4VAC in peak)
- Tamper Switch 12VDC 50mA Front and tear
- Current consumption 24mA @ 13.8VDC
- Quiescent current consumption 23mA
- Current consumption in alarm 30mA
- Relay NC Alarm, Tamper, Mask / Fault, Alarm NO
- Tensione9-16VDC, normally 13.8VDC
- Immunity to RFI modulated continuous wave (AM) 80-2700MHz 25 V / m
- Immunity to RFI continuous wave (CW) 80-2700MHz 75 V / m
- Frequencies of microwaves PTT 9.87, 9.90, 9.91GHz
- Frequencies of microwaves DTI 10,680, 10,587, 10.695GHz
- Frequencies of FCC10.515 microwave, 10,525, 10.535GHz
- Alarm duration 2.5 seconds
- Detection speed 0:25 - 3
Filter to bright & gt; 6500 Lux
- Sealed Optics
- Geometrical configuration 2D lenses
Protection filter for ultraviolet rays
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  • XDH10TT-AM Pyronix detector Outdoor Immune animals 10kg Anti-masking s

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