Dedicated consultant

Personal, dedicated consultant to deal with foreign companies.

No more language and cultural barriers - our consultants will help you order stock safely from anywhere in the world.

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Description of service

You don't speak the language well? Worried that the language barrier will cause you to misunderstand the terms presented by the supplier of the goods? You are aware that the Google translator is a bad tool for determining the details of the transaction? If you respect your money, use the professional services of a Merkandi consultant. We assure you, perfect knowledge of the given language and many years of experience in international trade.

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We have many years of experience in international trade

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The language barrier will not be an obstacle to building relationships with international partners

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We ensure You to reach a wide range of business partners from all over the world

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Don't risk - use the services of specialists!

A misunderstanding or miscommunication with international partners is very costly and has long-term consequences. Perfect knowledge of language and business customs of our employees will protect you from unforeseen financial losses. At every stage of the purchasing process, our consultants will provide you with full support and protect you from unwanted consequences.

What our consultant can determine on your behalf:

  • Clarification and/or agreement of cooperation (specification of goods, payment terms, discounts, availability of goods, booking of goods, arranging inspection of goods/warehouse),
  • Trade negotiations,
  • Scheduling and/or arranging meetings on the road,
  • Telephone interpreting during business meetings,
  • Debt collection (when the client will pay, whether they will pay, why they are not paying),
  • Translation of business correspondence.

Enter the international market with impact!

What benefits the service of a professional consultant brings:

  • New areas of operation - with the support of our consultants you will be able to securely order goods from all over the world.
  • Saves money - no need to hire additional staff or external translation agencies.
  • Increased efficiency - no matter where the seller is from, with the support of our consultants, you will receive full information about the ordered goods and support during negotiations.
  • Advantage over competition - experienced consultants who know the language, cultural differences and realities of the business partner's country ensure effective and smooth cooperation.
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Book now a dedicated consultant to deal with foreign companies

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Service only available to active Merkandi users

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Frequently asked questions

How will my purchased consultant's time be billed?
All your orders and the time of their execution as well as a detailed calculation will be available in the customer panel. You will always have a clear picture of how your time and therefore your money, is accounted for.
How much time do I have to use the service?
The service is available for 12 months from the time of order. The expiry date of the service is not linked to the expiry date of the account, but it is necessary to have an active account on Merkandi in order to use it.

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