Packages for business

A set of professional services tailored to your needs

Gain a competitive edge with packages that support your business. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we have packages full of benefits for You.



EUR 549.00 +VAT

Value of the package: EUR 1,116.80

You save: EUR 567.80

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EUR 869.00 +VAT

Value of the package: EUR 1,857.90

You save: EUR 988.90

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Business packages' benefits

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Services for the most demanding users

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Much lower price compared to buying individual services

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Stay ahead of the competition with business packages

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Make your shopping more effective

What benefits do you get by choosing the right business package for you:

  • More competitive - we will find the goods you specify, according to your specifications, at the best price on the market.
  • Save time - we'll search for offers while you do what you do best - finding customers for your goods.
  • Greater reach - even without language skills you can buy goods from any country in the world as if you were buying locally. Do business without language barriers.
  • Higher transaction security - thanks to contractor verification you receive all the necessary information about the seller with whom you are planning to make a transaction. You are not buying blind!

Increase sales effectiveness

What benefits do you get by choosing the right business package for you:

  • Save time and money - automated quote translation process, Your quotes at the top of the list and support from a dedicated consultant. Your business on an autopilot.
  • Internationalisation - your company on international markets. Publish your offers in multiple languages and communicate in your native language with partners from all over the world.
  • Greater reach and effectiveness - thanks to credibility certificate, listing refresh and funds for promotion - your listings are seen by even more potential customers.
  • No compromises - we have everything you need to take Your business to the next level.
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