Off Price Expo 2015

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50 pieces Cognac brown handbags with buckles 2,57 EUR
100 pieces black and brown women quality handbags 2,35 EUR
Diesel swimwear , bra , bikini , panties 6.95 EUR
7.5 kg tubs of de-icing pure salt 10687 GBP
Balenciaga Accessories SUPER DISCOUNT 19 EUR
Miss Sixty jeans 2014 collection 11.7 EUR
Men´s shirts made in Italy 9 GBP
Tw Steel Offer 500 EUR
Hugo Boss Offer 500 EUR
Chiligreen Tablet Quad Core with 2 cameras and IPS display 28,90 EUR
Harald Glööckler mobile phone cases for iPhone 4 4S 0,90 GBP
Mix Desigual accessories 8 EUR
Outdoor and seasonal products 5042 EUR
Garden power tools 3764 EUR
Office customer returns 4352 EUR
Small domestic appliances 5146 EUR
Palletised furnitures 3626 EUR
Hygienic hand cleaner 300ml 2,25 EUR
Dutch Toy's and Store stock 19.000 EUR
Filled Chocolate 1,3 EUR

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  • wholesales selling bankrupt stock, stock lot, end of line stock, customer returns, overstock, liquidation stock, clearance stock only
  • the merchandise which used to be available for handful of people, are now available directly for You, without agents, brokers or commissions
  • only verified wholesellers from UK, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland.