• Shoes and clothing stocklot

    Shoes and clothing…
    Price: 2,80 EUR

    In offer 20,000 pairs of shoes...

  • Underwear for children - wholesale clearance

    Underwear for children…
    Price: on request EUR

    In offer underwear for boys - shirts, pants, shorts - mix of sizes, colors, list in attachment - offers proposed purchase price must be sent to the wholesaler via email.

  • Wholesale TFT Monitors DELL A-Ware B-Ware

    Wholesale TFT Monitors…
    Price: 3855,00 EUR

    In offer new and used Dell TFT monitors: 210 units total, various models of Dell 1703FPT 1704FPTT 1707FPT 1708FPT 2007FPB 2001FP TFT detailed list on request...

  • Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, 7up wholesale clearance

    Pepsi Cola, Mirinda,…
    Price: from 0,39 EUR

    In offer 1 truck = 25 pallets of drinks Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, 7up, in cans 0.33 L, 1 pallet - 120 packs. The text on the cans: EN + FR or DE. Price 0.39 EUR per can ( by taking all)...

  • RIMMEL and ASTOR wholesale mascaras

    Price: 2,75 EUR

    In offer RIMMEL and ASTOR mascaras  - ASTOR BIG BLACK FALSE LASH  - RIMMELVolumen SCANDALEYES FLASH BLACK    1020 pieces available. More information on request.


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  • wholesales selling bankrupt stock, stock lot, end of line stock, customer returns, overstock, liquidation stock, clearance stock only
  • the merchandise which used to be available for handful of people, are now available directly for You, without agents, brokers or commissions
  • only verified wholesellers from UK, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland.

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