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The smallest CB station in the world
The CB CRT One radio station with its size of 10.2 x10 x2.5 cm can be considered the smallest CB radio station in the world. Thus, it can be placed in any location: armrest, board, between seats, without disturbing or disturbing.

Emission power 4W
The station complies with the legislation in force in Romania harmonized to the European norms, having the maximum legal power allowed of 4 W.

The CB CRT One radio station will allow communication in both types of bands: AM and FM. It is also equipped with fast selector of international emergency and infotrafic channels, namely 9-19.

Up/Down keys on the microphone
The station microphone is equipped with two Up and Down buttons for changing channels and other parameters.

NEW: S-Meter
The CTR One N model comes with transmitting/receiving signal indicator and improved stability.

The lighter plug is not included
For the commissioning of this station, we recommend powering directly to the car battery. Or, as an alternative method, we recommend purchasing a plug for powering the cigarette lighter plug of the car.

Discreet and efficient
The PNI Extra 48 antenna is among the smallest CB antennas (it has a height of only 45 cm) and can be mounted both on cars and on vans or minibuses. Its small size makes it almost unnoticed, easily confusing it with the radio antenna. The average reception distance is 10 km.

Anti-noise design
The PNI Extra 48 antenna has a special anti-noise design that allows air to slide around the ear, eliminating wind noise.

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