Help: Advanced search options on Merkandi

In some cases, it is pretty hard to find the products You want to buy, especially if You have couple of thousands of offers to choose from. To make it far more easier, please use the advanced search options on Merkandi.

The search bar can be found on the top of Merkandi homepage. Just enter a phrase, and then hit ENTER, or click the magnifier icon, to proceed with Your search. The search results will be presented within the advanced search module, where You will be able to narrow them.

The list of advanced search options can be found below:

- search by country

- search by category

- search by grade of products, more information about grades of products on Merkandi can be found here: link

- if You will enter a search phrase or keyword, our search engine will check titles, descriptions and keywords of the offers, to find the most appropriate results

The more filters You will use, the more accurate the search results will be. Still, please do not forget, that in this case, the accuracy will decrease the number of offers to present, because many of them might not match Your advanced search criteria. That is why, You should always use the most important ones for You, to take the biggest advantage of advanced search options feature.


To find Red Bull offers, just enter the name of this brand to the search bar, and then hit ENTER, or click the magnifier. The search engine will search for this phrase in titles, descriptions and keywords of all offers at Merkandi.

Once the search results will be presented, You can narrow the list of offers by choosing the proper filters. In this case, You will probably be interested in the offers from the certain countries, so just check them in the country field.

Alternatively, You may also start from advanced search options straight-away.Just go to advanced search, choose the countries from the country field, and then enter Red Bull phrase.

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