Merkandi wholesale trading platform offers Yout two basic types of users’ accounts: STANDARD and PREMIUM. The features of both of them are strictly connected with the users needs and requirements.

STANDARD account

This account has been created for those users, who need simple and convenient access to the verified European wholesalers of regular products and liquidation stocks, end of line stocks, bankrupt stocks and overstocks. STANDARD user has full access to the wholesalers' database, where he or she will find contact information of the wholesalers from Merkandi. All of these contact details can be found within the wholesaler's profile, and include company address, warehouse address, phones numbers and mobile phones numbers, email addresses and wholesaler's website url. The buyer is therefore able to swiftly communicate with the wholesaler, and ask him or her about the certain offer, send him or her his own inquiry, or any other business proposal.

PREMIUM account
This type of account can be used by both, buyers and sellers of wholesale products, closeout stocks, excess stocks and clearance stocks. Just like the STANDARD account, the PREMIUM will also give You access to the wholesalers' database, but this also includes some additional information, which are not available for STANDARD users.
These additional information include:
- Wholesalers' blacklist  - a list of unreliable wholesalers, who commited fraud or abuse. Most of them are still actively seeking for new victims on the internet under changed names of companies.
- Opinions system - PREMIUM users are able to add opinions about wholesalers, and rate the deals with them, including their reliability and a level of professionalism.

Another very important feature of PREMIUM account is an option of listing offers at Merkandi. The selling options are available for those PREMIUM members, who will verify their companies with us. Once verified, a user is then able to list unlimited number of offers by an intuitive and easy-to-use "Add offer" feature. For each of the offers, a user is also able to upload pictures and files. Finally, every seller is given a professional showroom, where buyers are able to view some detailed information about his or her company, including the contact information to his or her sales department.

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