Help: General information for sellers

General information:

1. Selling options are given to the PREMIUM-users only, who owe or represent registered businesses and will send us their companies' documents for verification proccedure. Selling options are being activated after verification of copies of VAT registration certificate (or other tax registration certificate, if You are not registered for VAT) and company registration certificate.

2. Selling options enable PREMIUM users to list their products on Merkandi. An access to the selling options is an optional feature of a PREMIUM account, and it will expire on the expiration date of the PREMIUM account.

3. According to the § 2 point 5 of the accepted Terms & conditions, the claim for having seller options activated is excluded. Merkandi reserves the right to exclude the user during registration, and at any time during the subscription, especially for security reasons, and without giving any reason for instance.

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