Each member of Merkandi is able to contact the wholesalers. To become a member, You have to create an account at Merkandi, and then complete the payment for the subscription fee.

There are three different ways of contacting wholesalers:

1. From the offer- to contact the wholesaler while viewing the offer, please click the “Wholesaler's data” section, and then "Send message" button. Once You click it, a contact form will appear. The default subject of Your message will be the title of the offer. This option is the most convenient one, if You are enquiring for the product shown in the offer. 

2. From the wholesaler’s profile - for general inquiries, the most convenient option is to use the contact form available in the wholesaler’s profile. To send Your message, just click the “Send message” button.

3. Contact details of the wholesaler- the contact details of each wholesaler can be found next to his or her offer, and within the profile of his or her company. To view them, please sign in to Your Merkandi account. Please remember, that wholesalers are adding and updating their contact details on their own.

If You are contacting the wholesaler over the contact form, the message will be sent within Merkandi messaging system and by email. The same applies to any reply sent by Merkandi messaging system.

Another important thing about contacting wholesalers, is the message itself. Please ask specific questions concerning the stock and the deal, inform the wholesaler about the intended order (quantity of products You want to buy, how would You like to pay, which of the delivery options will be the best etc.). Also, please allow a few business days to reply. Finally, please consider calling their sales department first, to get the information You need much faster.

The final important thing is, that You may have some problems with contacting wholesalers during summer holiday, and at the end of the year. Apart from the vacation, wholesalers usually catalogue their inventories at the end of each year, and do not accept any orders during that time. Fortunately, most of the wholesalers inform buyers about holiday or stocktaking breaks over the email, and at their websites, so in most cases, You shouldn’t have any problems with finding such information.

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