Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform, which brings together buyers and sellers of liquidation stocks, bankrupt stocks, surplus stocks etc. from all over the world. Each visitor has full access to the offers at Merkandi, but to view the contact details of the wholesalers, he or she needs to either sign in to his or her user’s account, or create a new one. We are also offering an option of joining our daily newsletter, which includes the latest offers. Subscribing our newsletter is free of any cost.

To get an option of contacting the wholesalers, You have to create an account at Merkandi. You can choose between two different types of users’ accounts: STANDARD and PREMIUM. Of course, both of them will enable You to access the contact details of the sellers, and to find out more about the features of each of them, just go to the REGISTRATION section of our website.

Once You create an account, and pay the subscription fee, Your user’s account will be activated, and will remain active for one year.

STANDARD users have access to the wholesalers’ database, and are able to contact them directly. Apart from the database, the contact details of the wholesalers are also presented next to their offers, so users are able to contact them while viewing the offers listed on Merkandi.

PREMIUM users, apart from the contact details of the wholesalers, have also access to the opinions about wholesalers, and the suppliers’ blacklist. Moreover, PREMIUM acount is required to start offering products at Merkandi. This feature is only available for those companies, which will pass our verification procedure. Once verified, the user is able to list unlimited number of offers, and a profile of his or her company is available to other users of Merkandi.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

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