To add an offer, You have to be a PREMIUM member of Merkandi, and verify Your company with us. To start verification, just upload the required documents within Your user’s account, or send them by email. As soon as the verification proccedure will be completed with a positive result, You will have Your selling options activated, and You will be able to list unlimited number of offers on Merkandi. Please remember, that it is one of the features of Your account, so when Your user’s account will expire, You will no longer have an option of listing products on the website.

To add an offer, please sign in to Your Merkandi account first. If You are already there, just click the "Add offer" button to start. Alternatively, just go to “My offers” section. Here, You will always find all of Your offers, and to add a new one, just click the “Add offer”. There are following steps of adding a new offer:

1 - Basic information

2 - Duration time

3 - Order

4 - Description

5 - Payment and delivery

6 - Images

7 - Media and files

1. Basic information

The first step includes the essential information about Your product. At first, You will have to choose the proper category and subcategory for Your wholesale lot, a grade of the items (new, used, refurbished, damaged, untested, clearance), and a country, where the stock is located. This section also includes product ID (optional, set by you), EAN, TARIC and brand. 

All required fields are marked with * (asterisk). 

2. Duration time

Set the duration time of your offer. You can choose an option from the list, or set your own date. Once the date will pass, your offer will change it's status to "archive". To reactivate it, you will need to click the "Activate" option on your offer's list.

3. Order

Detailed information about the products for sale, including minimal order, total quantity, units of measurement, prices. Please mind, that some of the fields will change for some settings (ie. if you will set the "price per request", you will not be able to fill in the price-related fields).

4. Description

Here, You will be able to enter the title, description and keywords for Your offer. If You would like to list this offer in other languages available on Merkandi, just switch between them on the top of this step, and then enter the title, description and keywords, translated to the languages You choose. Please do not list Your offer in other languages, if You are unable to translate it to these langauges. Also, please remember that the offer cannot include any of Your company information. All of the fields within this step, are meant for the information about Your product, not about Your company.

5. Payment and delivery

Set the payment options and delivery options available for your offer. Although these fields are not required, You should fill them out, because these are very important information for all potential buyers. Just remember, that if You have already set the payment options and delivery options within the “Wholesaler's data” section, You can omit this step, because buyers will see Your settings from there.

6. Images

The first image you will add will become the main image of your offer per default. To change it, just move it to the right, to replace it with another one. You are able to upload up to 7 images (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG files, max. size 3MB)

7. Media and attachment

You can add 1 file as an attachment for your offer, i.e. pricelist, or manifest, saved as PDF, DOC, XDOC, TXT, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG. max. size 5MB. You can also add a url of a videou file from Youtube or Vimeo.

Once all of the required fields have been completed, you can save it as a draft to submit it latter, or submit it now and go to advertising options.

You are able to increase the exposition of Your offer, by selecting the following advertising options:

  • Week's best offer on Merkandi
  • Top Offers on Merkandi
  • Highlight on Merkandi offers' list
  • Top offer in subcategory
  • Highlight in subcategory

Please remember, that prices refer to one language version of Your offer. Although this step is not required to add an offer, the advertising options always improve the visibility of the offer within Merkandi.

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