Wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors, who are searching for new markets for their products, are able to list them at Merkandi after buying the PREMIUM membership and completing the verification procedure. However, to get the most from Merkandi account, they should follow the tips from below.

1. Complete Your profile and keep it up-to-date - the profile of Your company at Merkandi is available to every buyer at the platform, so You should provide them with all important information about Your wholesale, and the products You are offering for sale. Basically, please keep Your contact information up-to-date, to avoid any problems with contacting You. To do that, just add phone numbers, email addresses, names and surnames and the languages to communicate with the members of Your sales department. Next thing is the physical address of Your facilities, such as a showroom, or a warehouse, and a url of Your website. Another important information are payment options and delivery options, which can be found within "Wholesaler's Data” section of Your account. Please choose the payment options and delivery options available for buyers, and for detailed information about them, use the text fields entitled “Additional information”. Finally, it is recommended to describe Your company and products You sell.

2. List new offers regularly, keep the previous ones up-to-date - it is highly recommended to list offers as often as possible. The more offers You will list, the more buyers will contact You. Besides, each of Your offers is sent within our daily newsletter with the latest products, so the more regular You are, the bigger the reach of Your offers will be. Also, please do not forget about Your previous offers, and update them whenever something changes (i.e. price, payment options, or the minimum to purchase).

3. Prepare good descriptions, add images - before a buyer will visit Your profile, he will probably view some of Your offers. Because of that, You should take a moment to create a good and reliable description of Your product. Enter all important information about the wholesale lot, and don’t be afraid to mention some imperfections. After all, besides the buyers of new goods, there are also buyers, who search for used, refurbished, untested or even damaged products. Also, please avoid general statements in both the title, and the description of Your offer. Be specific and reliable while describing products, use the names of the brands or models, provide buyers with basic specifications of Your stock for sale, point out every important information (i.e. missing boxes, scratches or dents). A good title and description should also mention the type of the stock for sale, such as the liquidation stock, surplus stock, ex lease products etc. Another important thing is to upload the authentic pictures of the wholesale lot, whenever it is possible. The authentic pictures not only look better, but also prove, that You actually own the stock, and this is very important fact for most of the buyers.

4. Add Your offers in other languages- if You do know any other languages, which are supported at Merkandi, then You should translate Your offers to these languages. This will highly increase the number of potential buyers for Your products. If You do not know any other language used at Merkandi, then You might try to translate Your offers using Google, Yandex, Bing, or Yahoo.

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