Help: How to translate an offer using Google, Bing or Yandex?

One of the most important rules at Merkandi, is the language compliance. This means, that all offers within the certain language version of the platform have to be available in this language (find out more about that).

The language compliance is one of the basic rules at Merkandi. To add offer within the certain language version of Merkandi, a wholesaler has to prepare it in this particular language. If a wholesaler does not know the particular foreign language, he or she may use a translate feature of Google, Yandex or Bing. Still, if You decide to use one of these options to translate Your offer to list it in other language versions of Merkandi, please do not forget about the following things:

  1. proofread the original text, and make sure that there are no typos, missing spaces between words, or any other errors, because none of the translate featureas will be able to translate such words
  2. use simple language, avoid compound sentences
  3. If You are mentioning some brands’ names or proper nouns in the text, please double-check them. The brands’ names, or the names of products might be translated too, especially if they include common words, i.e. Always, Red Bull, Head & Shoulders, Hello Kitty. 
  4. avoid acronyms and abbreviations
  5. instead of pasting the whole text, please translate it sentence by sentence. This will improve the final quality of the translation.
  6. For the best possible result, please use English as an initial language for the translation, even if it is not Your first language.

A list of the most popular translate features:

  1. Google Translate:
  2. Bing Translator:
  3. Yandex.Translate:

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