If a member of Merkandi is interested in purchasing the certain wholesale lot, then he is able to contact the wholesaler directly, over the phone, email, or our internal messaging system. In most cases, buyers decide to communicate with the wholesalers via messaging system, or email. To make it more efficient, and receive a serious reply from a wholesaler, please follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. Language of communication - please make sure, that You have chosen the right person to communicate with in Your language. The languages to communicate with the certain company, are always listed in the companies’ profiles at Merkandi. If You do not speak any of the listed languages, then please use as simple sentences as possible, and then translate Your inquiry with Google, Bing, or Yandex  translate application. You can also include the information about the languages You speak, because there always is a chance, that a sales team of the certain wholesale actually speaks one of them, but they simply forgot to update their profile at Merkandi. To this end, writing an inquiry in one of the languages listed by the wholesaler, will highly increase the response rate, and the general efficiency of communication between You and him or her.
  2. Your inquiry - at first, briefly introduce Your company and the range of products You are looking for. The next important thing, is to enclose a link to the offer, that You are interested in. Finally, confirm the information from the offer, like the availability of the products, price, minimal order quantity, delivery and payment options etc.
  3. Your contact details - it is very important to provide Your up-to-date contact details, including the phone number and email address, to make further communication easier.

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