Help: The rules of listing offers on Merkandi

The rules of listing offers on Merkandi:

1. The offer, its description, title, uploaded files and pictures, cannot include any of Your contact details, including Your company name and logo. The watermark of a picture cannot consist of these information too.

2. We accept wholesale offers. Retail offers are excluded and will be removed without any prior notice.

3. You are not allowed to list copies or replicas of branded products. We reserve the right to delete such offers without any prior notice.

4. The possible grades of stock at Merkandi are available here: link. Please comply with these definitions.

5. You are able to present Your offer in any of the given language versions of Merkandi. To do this however, You have to provide a translation to any of these languages. The offers which do not comply with the language version of Merkandi will be deactivated. 

6. Listing the same offer for several times (the same title or description or picture) at once is forbidden and might result with removing all of it's copies.

7. Listing offers of e-cigarettes and tobacco is forbidden. The offers of this sort will be removed without prior notice.

8. Listing buying leads is forbidden. Such offers will be removed without prior notice.

9. Merkandi does not guarantee that the offer will be presented on the website's homepage.

10. In case of notorious violation of these rules, Merkandi reserves the right to remove all of the user's offers and suspend his or her selling options temporarily or permanently.

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