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3mk FlexibleGlass for Google Pixel 7 5G Hybrid Screen - description

Hybrid Glass Flexible Glass 3mk Product Description + Key Features

Key features: Brand: 3mk Series: FlexibleGlass Product type: Hybrid glass Suitable for: Google Pixel 7 5G Glass dimensions: 148 x 67 mm (+/- 2mm) Machine size: 155.60 x 73.20 mm Thickness: only 0.3 mm Surface hardness: 7H Technology: FIT IN Increases screen durability x2.5 Precise fit Protects against scratches Resistant to cracking
Invisible protection Original 3mk® Flexible Glass series is a protection that is almost invisible. The glass is only 0.3mm thick, making it difficult to see and feel under the finger, giving the impression that the finger glides on smooth glass.
Reliable protection Glass creates reliable protection, reinforcing the display by 250%. The hybrid cushions the force of the impact, protecting the smartphone screen from shattering.
Smooth surface FlexibleGlass from 3mk is perfectly smooth. It has high scratch resistance, thanks to an additional ceramic layer with a hardness of 7H. Keep your phone where and however you want, glass effectively protects the display from scratches! Now you can be sure that not even a single scratch will appear on it.
Tailored to you The manufacturer designs its products on real devices, which allows you to get the perfect shape taking into account all buttons, speakers and cameras - so as to perfectly match the product to the device and maintain full sensitivity to touch. Due to the rounding of the screen, the glass / foil does not cover its entire surface - it is cut only to the flat part of the screen. This solution makes it can be used in combination with the case. Due to the variety of milling of the edges of the displays, after the installation of glass, a delicate air halo can form around the screen. This is a natural situation and depends on the screen itself.
Safety is the key FlexibleGlass has a special antibacterial coating that provides protection against viruses and bacteria. Protective glass has been designed with the device and health in mind, protection against germs is a unique advantage of this product.
Perfect screen sensitivity FlexibleGlass responds to touch instantly! Do you like to play games or work a lot on your phone? With protective glass from 3mk you will always be in front of everyone. The olephobic layer makes the display resistant to dirt.
Set includes: 1 pc FlexibleGlass™ for screen Fit-In™ stickers - for easy glass positioning Dust-Fix™ leaves - helping to remove dust particles Anti-Bubble Card™ - for removing air bubbles CleaningSet - to clean the screen Box
Assembly instructions - step by step 1. Before you start editing, lock the screen or turn off the device so that no one distracts you. 2. Clean the screen first with a wet cloth, then with a dry cloth. 3. Try the glass holes on the speaker and camera. 4. Peel off the backing from the Fit-In stickers and glue the glass to the device housing. 5. Using the Dust-Fix leaf, slowly remove the bottom layer and clean the screen again. 6. Place the glass on a screen similar to closing a door and wait for the glass to adhere by itself. 7. If there are air bubbles left, use a dry cloth and an Anti-Bubble Card to remove them. 8. Remove the protective layer.
PZH certificates - The dscout research experiment showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand almost 2.5 hours a day. FlexibleGlass™ is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for health – regardless of how much time you spend with your phone. RoHS Certified When securing phones, we have care for the planet in mind. FlexibleGlass™ has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives regarding the content of heavy metals and hazardous substances (m.in lead, mercury or cadmium).
Frequently asked questions FlexibleGlass™ is glass or foil?
FlexibleGlass™ is a hybrid glass, i.e. a combination of the best properties of glass and foil – they are characterized by high flexibility and scratch resistance.
Does FlexibleGlass™ scratch?
FlexibleGlass has a lower scratch resistance (at 7H), so there are substances that can scratch it, e.g. quartz grains.
Does glass cover the entire surface of the screen?
The glass does not cover the entire surface of the display, it is cut only to the flat part of the screen. This solution makes it can be used in combination with the case.

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