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Breast Sense Breast Cancer Self-Examination Glove

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Breast Sense Breast Cancer Self-Examination Glove

6 Packs per box, 1000 packs, Priced for Wholesale

Just 10 minute a month to check. Magnifies fingertip sensitivity

Enables you to examine your breasts to detect any changes.
Easy to use and reusable.

Breast Sense glove is and aid designed to increase touch sensitivity while you perform your breast examination each month.
Breast Sense glove greatly reduces friction against your skin, while allowing you fingers to glide smoothly across your breast.

Pack Contents:

Breast Sense Glove
Instruction Leaflet and Calendar
Demonstration DVD
Organza Storage Purse

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer worldwide and accounts for almost one in three of all malignancies in women.

The introduction of mammograms and improved treatments have had positive effects on mortality rates in women aged 50 and above, but despite this, the single most effective way to detect abnormal lumps or irregularities amongst women is still being overlooked - self examination.

And its not just middle aged women who should be paying more attention to their bodies. Kylie Minogue's recent diagnosis has sought to highlight the importance of self examination among younger women and getting to know your breasts by physical examination as well as regular screening is recommended for all women over the age of 20.

Breast checks take just a few minutes, yet many women admit they don't examine their breasts often enough, if at all and many say they are unsure how to.

Now there is a new Breast Self Examination Aid designed specifically to help women overcome any feelings of apprehension and uncertainty by educating and informing them about how, when and why they should check their breasts.

The BREAST SENSE. BREAST SELF EXAMINATION PACK includes an educational DVD which can be viewed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The film advises women of the important steps and techniques involved in self examination and provides extensive factual information on breast cancer and its detection.

The pack also contains the reusable BREAST SENSE GLOVE for fingertip sensitivity. The BREAST SENSE GLOVE is made from two sealed sheets of extremely thin but strong latex free and hypoallergenic polyurethane containing a silicone based solution.

This greatly reduces friction and increases sensitivity by enabling the glove to glide more easily over the contours of the breast. The unique magnifying sensation of the glove enhances the ability to feel even the smallest changes or irregularities so that any differences can be noticed easily and then be referred to a medical practitioner. An elegant pouch is also supplied in which to store the glove.

Jan Sheppard 60 found her first lump around twelve years ago.

"I found it purely by accident" she explains.

"I was lying in bed and found a lump in my right breast. My immediate reaction was - is it a lump or not? I wasn't entirely sure, so I went to see my GP who then referred me to a consultant at my local hospital. At that appointment they took a sample of fluid from my breast and sent it away to be analysed and I also had a mammogram. To my relief the results came back benign."

Since then Jan has had four more lumps two of which have had to be removed. She is now taking no chances.

"I religiously examine my breasts once a month and recently was introduced to the BREAST SENSE. BREAST SELF EXAMINATION GLOVE which I found amazing" she says.

"I first of all examined my breast as I normally do with my hand. Then using the glove I examined my breasts again and the difference was remarkable. I instantaneously felt the difference and could easily feel the old scar tissue. It felt as though there was a pocket in my breast to insert my hand."

"I cannot stress how important it is to carry out self examinations of your breast once a month" says Jan.

"I have since introduced the glove to my daughter and daughter in law who both agree that the BREAST SENSE. BREAST SELF EXAMINATION GLOVE makes self examination far more positive".

Certificates and documentation up on request.

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