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The Aqua-Sport Powerstrech Antiburst gymnastic ball is the basis of daily gymnastic exercises. It was made of abrasion-resistant and deteriorating polyvinyl chloride. It is an ideal product for various gymnastic exercises, but it is also useful every day – you can use it, for example, to work at the computer, strengthening the deep muscles of the back. It also works great as an aid in the treatment of neurological diseases or for exercises to correct posture defects. Suitable for universal practices improving fitness, figure and physical build. It is distinguished by a structure that protects against excessive slipping during use.

An exercise ball is equipment for every budget, which is useful when strengthening, stretching and making muscles more flexible. It can be used as the main element of training or complementing other activities. Exercises with the ball are effective and have a positive effect on well-being.

⭐️ The biggest advantages ⭐️
✅ Size - it is important to choose the size of the ball to your height if you want to use it effectively. When sitting on the ball, the angle between the thigh and lower leg should be 90 degrees, and between the thighs and the torso also 90 degrees or more.
✅ High quality workmanship - made of flexible and durable material, polyvinyl chloride, which is a very plastic, flexible and flexible material resistant to mechanical damage
✅ Antiburst system - causes that in the event of a break or puncture of the ball, the air escapes slowly, which prevents painful falls and injuries
✅ Anti-slip coating
✅ Ideal for pregnant women - the ball helps to strengthen the postural muscles to eliminate the negative effects associated with the change of the center of gravity. Rocking on the ball, spinning your hips is a way to effectively work on the muscles of the pelvic day. The ball also helps relieve painful labor contractions
✅ Effective training - exercises with the ball strengthen, make the muscles more flexible and stretch. Joint mobility, motor coordination and balance are improved.
✅ Ideal for Pilates, stretching, fitenss, strengthening and slimming classes
✅ Used in rehabilitation - after injuries and for corrective gymnastics
✅ It helps to strengthen the back - beneficial for people who spend long hours in front of the computer or lead a sedentary lifestyle.
✅ It helps to relieve stress - jumping, swinging and rolling the body in different positions relieves the tension accumulated in the muscles. It helps to relax and reduce the effects of stress.
✅ It makes it easier to build good habits - using the ball every day, e.g. instead of a chair, helps to control body posture, strengthens muscles and forces the correct position of the spine

⚙️ Specification and execution ⚙️


55 cm - individuals from 150 to 160 cm tall

65 cm - individuals from 161 to 170 cm tall

75 cm - people from 171 to 185 cm tall

Material: PVC

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