• Two-plate induction cooker
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Two-plate induction cooker

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Cooking on the principle of electromagnetic induction cooking has a high efficiency, low energy consumption (98% of electric energy is converted into heat, which heats only the bottom of the pot, there is no heat loss as in the classic hot plate or hob). The plate itself identifies the size of the container bottom. When cooking on an induction stove it needs to use utensils designed specifically for induction cookers. Cooking is completely safe because the cooking surface remains cool even during heating.
saving time and energy, modern design, easy maintenance, simple operation

Product description
Product undergoes rigorous testing by Czech and European standards. Testing Certified ITC SpA Zlin.

How induction plate work?

The principle of induction cooking consists in the fact that the ferromagnetic bottom container lying on the surface and the copper coil placed under the Plate created electromagnetic field. Continually heats the bottom of the container according to the level set power. After the shutdown, then there is a very rapid cooling. Test with 1 liter of water, cooked at 60 ° C showed that while the stove cools 25 minutes and the gas 14, the induction takes only 6 minutes. During cooking, this eliminates the risk of burns and owner need not fear nor any fire that might arise in the handling of open fire.
An advantage of the induction hob is its ability to react very quickly. If the power to decrease or increase, you will feel the change immediately.
The basic equipment includes induction plates touch controls and safety features that are essential not only for families with small children. Signalling residual heat illuminates when the appliance is still heated up to more than 60 ° C and cooks could face burns. For convenient cooking timer is used, which makes it possible to adjust the cooking time, great need for cooking eggs, pasta or dumplings.

Technical specification:
220-240V / 50Hz
Temperature range: 60 ° -240 ° C
Setting the cooking time: 0-180min
Double head induction cooker.

Type: induction cooker
No.of hotplates: 2
Power: 220-240 V, 3400 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Timer: up to 180 min.
Temperature regulation: 60-240°C
Touch control
Color: black
Text on Box: EN,CZ,HU,RO, UKR

Text on Manual: EN,CZ,HU,RO,UKR
Can be supplied separately in German.

Brand New with 24 months warranty

weight/pc:8,5 kg
pcs/carton: 2 pcs
pcs/pallet: 24 pcs

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