• Vacuum cleaner bag 100x110 mmcloth bag 7 Pcs
  • Vacuum cleaner bag 100x110 mmcloth bag 7 Pcs image 2
  • Vacuum cleaner bag 100x110 mmcloth bag 7 Pcs image 3
  • Vacuum cleaner bag 100x110 mmcloth bag 7 Pcs image 4
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Vacuum cleaner bag 100x110 mmcloth bag 7 Pcs

Price EUR 1.70 / piece

Minimal order
500 pieces
Available quantity
1000 pieces
Delivery time
2 days
Last update
2 months ago

• Top resistance • Top power • Top filtration • Up to + 50 % Longer Life • Packing contains 5 + 2 cloth bags • Made in EU compatible to ROWENTA: ROWENTA Ambia (od r. 092001) ROWENTA Ambia RO 211 (R0211) ROWENTA Ambia RO 220 (R0220) ROWENTA Ambia RO 225 (RO225) ROWENTA Ambia RO 230 (RO230) ROWENTA Ambia RO 240 (R0240) ROWENTA Ambia RO 250 (RO250) ROWENTA Ambia RO 3011 (R03011) ROWENTA Ambia RO 3031 (R03031) ROWENTA Ambia RO 3045 (RO3045) ROWENTA Ambia RO 3051 (RO3051) ROWENTA Ambia RO 3065 (RO3065) ROWENTA VX 5050-1 ROWENTA VZ 9251 - typ F ROWENTA VZ 9271 - typ E ROWENTA VZ 92760 - typ D ROWENTA VZ 92D70 ROWENTA VZ 92E51 ROWENTA VZ 92E70 ROWENTA ZR 470 P h i l i p s: FC8334 FC8336 FC8338 FC8344 FC8347 FC8348 FC8349 FC8188 FC8189 S a n y o: SC-35A SC-65A SC-N200 SC-N300 SC-400 SC-600 SC-S700 SC-S750P SC-S280 SC-Y120 SC-S380 SC-Y108 SC-Y109 SC-A601 SC-A602 SC-A603 SC-33A SC-53A SC-Y100 SC-620 SC-66A SC-68A SC-S35 SC-75A SC-78A SC-N170 SC-N210 SC-S260 SC-T100 SC-660 SC-800 SC-810 SC-410 SC-610 SC-460 SC-510 SC-C400 SC-N250 SC-39A SC-38A SC-A200 SC-A201 SC-A202 SC-P2 SC-P3 SC-P4 SC-P5 SC-P6 SC-P15 Haier: ZW1000-3567823 ZW1000-201 ZW1000-203 ZW1100-34 ZW1100-201 ZW1100-202 ZW1100-203 ZW1200-12345789101223 ZW1200-201 ZW1200-202 ZW1200-203 ZW1200-211 ZW1200-212 ZW1200-213 ZW1200-215 ZW1200-231 ZW1200-232 ZW1300-5 ZW1400-3 Electrolux: ZW1100-207 ZW1100-208 ZW1100-207W ZW1100-208B ZW1100-202 ZW1100-203 ZW1100-206 ZW1200-121 ZW1200-203 ZW1300-201 Z1450 Z1460 Z1470 Midea : QZ11A QZ11B QZ11C QZ11D QZ12G QZ12E QZ14F QZ14H QZ12B QZ14S3 QZ13A QZ14B QW14B QC11D QW12T4 QW12T5 QW12Z4 QW12T-202 QW12T-06G QW12T-07G QW13T-07D QW12Z-07G QW12Z-02E QW12Z-06E QW12S-05H QW12S-05J QW13S-07J QW12T-602 QW12T-607 QW12T-608 LG V-3700Y V-3710Y V-982SER V-2600SER V-3700SER V-3800SER V-5800SE V-4200SER V-2940RL V-2940RAL V-CR142STN V-3710R V-866HAB V-865SAY V-864SAG V-4200HAB V-4200HAG V-2600 V-2600G V-132SDN V-CR132SDN V-CR132NBN ZELMER Bravo TOPAZ B4264 Zelmer Cobra II Silent 2500.0 EH Zelmer Cobra II Silent 2500.0 EK Zelmer Cobra II Silent 2500.0 SP Zelmer Cobra II Silent 2500.0 ST Zelmer Original 1500 Zelmer Orion 1500.0 E Zelmer Orion 1500.0 S Zelmer Orion 1500.5 E Zelmer Orion 1500.6 Zelmer Orion 2500.0 Zelmer Orion Max Zelmer Orion Max 2500 Zelmer série Syrius Zelmer Solaris Zelmer 1500 Syrius Zelmer Syrius 1600.0HQ Zelmer Syrius 1600.0SP Zelmer Syrius 1600.0ST Zelmer Twist 1500.5 E Zelmer Twist 1500.5 E02 E Zelmer Twist 1500.5 F02 E Zelmer Twister Zelmer Twister 1500 Zelmer Twister 1500.0 E Zelmer Twister 1500.0 F08.E Zelmer Twister 1500.0 F08.S Zelmer Twister 1500.0 S Zelmer Twister 2500.0 Zelmer Twister Max Zanussi: Homefriend VAC Zanussi ZAN. CONCEPT: CONCEPT Excelent NS9510 CONCEPT NS-9510 Excelent CONCEPT VP-9511 Excelent CONCEPT VP-9512 Excelent CONCEPT VP-9513 Excelent

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