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Sustainable development

The story of Merkandi is the story of the dreams and beliefs of the brand's founder, Dariusz Pankow. He believed that business could be conducted in a way that was fair to people and the environment, a value that Merkandi cultivates to this day. In 2008, this innovative platform was founded, but at the time we did not yet realise the impact we would have on reducing our carbon footprint.

Merkandi is not only a wholesale company, but also an innovative platform that enables sellers to redistribute goods from returns, surplus production and stock. What's more, thanks to its international reach and the use of the latest B2B platform technology, Merkandi has created a closed loop that is ideal for companies that want to operate in a sustainable manner.

What does Merkandi understand by Sustainability?


Sell products at a reasonable price to enable reuse. Influence the environmental behaviour of your customers and markets.


Give your products a second life. Recycle them instead of disposing of them by destroying them. By doing so, you protect your brand and contribute to sustainability.


Sell wisely, give a second life to products. Have a positive impact on your customers' environmental behaviour.

Sustainable growth with Merkandi

At a time when our natural resources are increasingly depleted and the problem of pollution is becoming more serious, Merkandi is part of the sustainability trend. We support our customers to act responsibly and take care of the environment. Thanks to Merkandi, our customers can not only benefit from unique trading opportunities but also contribute to environmental protection and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Don't destroy, but give a second life to your products. Put them on sale and support the sustainability of the planet. DON'T waste, resell.

Everything that humans use comes from the Earth's resources. We are not only talking about food, but also clothing, electronic equipment, toys and other items of everyday use. This is a natural consequence of the progress of civilisation, which, although it has made human life easier and more pleasant, is unfortunately contributing step by step to irreversible changes in the environment. This is why it is so important that we take care of our planet and use the Earth's resources in a sustainable manner. Merkandi is committed to solutions in line with sustainable development trends, allowing us to contribute to creating a world that is friendlier for future generations.

Sustainable development

We are convinced that by using the Merkandi platform, you not only gain access to the best trading opportunities, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. Our platform allows you to sell products that might otherwise end up in landfills. In this way, we reduce the amount of waste that pollutes our planet.

We are proud of our customers who, together with us, create a planet-friendly environment. Together, we can perform miracles and change our world for the better. We are convinced that every decision, even the smallest one, to use sustainable solutions contributes to protecting our planet and future generations.

We warmly invite you to read our report on fashion and its impact on the environment. This report presents up-to-date data on the fashion industry's impact on the planet and highlights issues related to overproduction, poor quality products, and the use of environmentally harmful materials. Through our report, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable information on the environmental impact of fashion and understand what steps you can take to reduce your negative impact on the planet.

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